2018/19 Co-op AGM Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Meeting date

Hot Topics

new approach to increase farming in the valley

Transform farm status either through residents
1) paying residential tax rate (e.g. $400 each)
2) farming ($500 gross revenue each)
3) associating yourself with farmer but not doing the farming yourself (need to invest with farmer to gain status e.g. $400, can choose which farmers and which benefits you receive such as vegetables,goshala, fencing, etc.)

  • Farmer would need to make $1000 in revenue to cover addition person
  • Concern: farmers starting to compete with each other if investments turn into a market
  • Idea is to remove SVHI, except would need to insure farming receipts were made *** need to be made very clear
  • Make a form? Individuals could make clear which farmer their money will be invested with?
  • Paper trail is very important
  • Action Item: Need to figure out dollar amount of Farm status vs. No farm status
  • Need to be able to allow individuals to farm independently rather than pay $500 / be a part of the co-op
  • how can we make sure it is a legal income? (e.g. money that is never exchanged but there is a receipt)
  • Would be easier if money went into once place with form indicating which farmer investment is going towards
  • Farmers would get their $500 back with receipts showing revenue
  • What to do with people who are not here? Would just be paying tax, could be lesser amount e.g. $400 vs. $500, addresses point of empty homes in valley hurting new families/members who want to live here
  • Everyone needs to pay $500 upfront
  • For farmers who are a part of the co-op there would be a pool of money to draw upon
  • How accountable is the co-op to show that they are working towards spending money to grow food for valley ($500 each)?
  • Co-op would keep some money for processing labour and accounting
  • Essential point is that they need to pay the money anyways*** Need to make clear to devotees
  • Would you rather get nothing back or $500 of prepaid vegetables?
  • Need to give people choices
  • If farmers are making a big income, some should come back to the community
  • Farmers could pay investment of $500 at harvest season
  • Start a trial period for this year? Could take to the AGM for further information for devotees
  • Investors would get farm produce back

Labour and Woofer program

  • Not sustainable without infrastructure for accommodating but need the right people
  • Krishna Village model, have screening process
  • Consider co-op money going towards infrastructure
  • Importing devotees? Legal problems if not from Canada

organic certification

  • Don’t have enough record keeping, Action Item: Brihat volunteers for community garden record keeping
  • Manure must be put on 4 months before, be careful about what you say to inspectors

hay growing and harvesting plan

  • Daivata will cut hay, will invest in baler if needed
  • With baler and machinery could do 4000 bales
  • Brihat made a financial plan for using tractor, baler, etc.
  • Will see quality and quantity of hay, could supplement with seed  
  • Sensible use of land, grow vegetables near the lake and hay higher up where land becomes more stony

Community Garden Plan

  • staff for watering, weeding, fence security, harvesting
  • Fields need to be managed so that it will be taken care of
  • Need someone for farm-gate sales
  • Action Item: Brihat will turn on drip lines
  • **Need money from the dam for reconnecting pipes
  • With commitment comes farming results
  • rows are leased to villagers (example: $54 per row)
  • Money would go to the person managing land
  • fee includes Ox plow by Daivata before planting
  • drip lines available for small yearly fee (example: $20 per row)
  • plow fallow areas with rototiller early spring?
  • mapped out area of farm land
  • Francis has "retired" from farming here, he will help us when he visits.

Community Garden Improvements

  • care for existing fruit trees, herbs, bees, raspberries, strawberry, goji need maintenance
  • soil has to be built up with cover crops and manure from goshala
  • electric fence to be fixed and fine-tuned, need battery and solar panel
  • Useful for bears, need during fall
  • Action Item: Brihat would like to learn how to maintain fence
  • Perimeter fencing is alright, fence near ML property nears maintenance
  • Need dam to fill up to use water
  • Bala's portion of the community garden: turn over in may, plant cover crop.  middle june plant buckwheat, turn under, peas/legumes, then fall rye - this will get rid of sunchokes

Co-op Assets and Investments

  • We need a good backpack sprayer + purchase neem from kripanidhi and soap for sprayer
  • Needs to be sprayed once a week
  • Francis' land and tools and tractor available to co-op to plow and disc, especially the weed areas of fallow fields
  • Mahavishnu said tractor wasn’t very good, co-op tractor is alright
  • Rototiller available?
  • Using Ox? If it is grassy or overgrown then doesn’t work so well
  • May need to use tractor to initially get everything over control
  • Who are designated tractor drivers?
  • Selling post-pounder? SVHI has partial investment in post-pounder, board can decide whether or not to sell, can bring up at next meeting (money can be put towards fencing)

Community Fencing

  • fence wiring starts early spring
  • southend fence posts in place, needs rails and gates
  • community garden fence need improvements
  • May be hard to get people to pay $500
  • Bala says money is available for fencing according to HariLila’s calculations, can use along with other money ($3500 and money from selling post-pounder) to fence West
  • Action Item: Find out what money is available?
  • Need to clear up fencing concept

Announcements and Events

  • Seed order first week of February
  • Seed exchange in march, april and may


  • co-op is not for profit, so pays no tax
  • Mahavishnu joined
  • Brihat & Jennifer to be become new members!
  • Micheal and Kam to become new members as well!

Election of Directors

  • President: Yoginath
  • Secretary and Treasurer: Ramanath

Previous AGM minutes approved.

end of meeting

Present: Ramanath, Jai, Yoginath, Udara, Bala, Brihat, Jennifer (as minutes taker)


Mapped out area of community farm land

Fence Plan for Saranagati Village