Co-op AGM Meeting Minutes 2020-21

Meeting date

AGM Minutes

Food security

  • we need to grow much more than last year
  • need more potatoes seeds and help to remove colorado beetle
  • harvested twice as much beans as planted... this can improve greatly with more weeding
  • need a planter/seeder for grains... something ox can pull...
  • bhumi farm walking tractor is available
  • need farm labour housing (prospector tents)

Perimeter Fencing

  • wiring west side fence starts in march
  • bracing required for west side fence


  • 100 foot hoop greenhouse in community garden has funding
  • dug out greenhouse offers promise of winter crops

Community Garden

  • people using community garden needs follow through with weeding and fertilizing
  • existing fruit trees, herbs, bees, raspberries, strawberry, goji need care
  • apple trees did good, raspberries did ok
  • need another row for fruits and nut trees,
  • cover crops on unused areas, alfalfa + white clover
  • need a shaded spot
  • electric fence not needed.  deer fencing for fall?
  • Ramesh and family can help
  • need more drip lines

Labour and Woofers

  • Guest Quarantine of 14 days.  Visitor rules need to be made and posted
  • accommodation infrastructure: housing, outhouse, solar shower
  • Need to find the right people, need establish a screening process

Hay growing and harvesting plan

  • Ox Team or green tractor can cut hay
  • specific southend fields will be fenced
  • Bailer? Storage?

Announcements and Events

  • Organic Certification: Low risk, no visits for 2 more years
  • need a valley-vide composting system
  • worm composting available at bhumi farm
  • green tractor tire rim be replaced, Bala will follow up
  • Seed order after AGM
  • Seedy saturday exchange in march, april,may, june
Co-op Business
  • Minutes from previous AGM approved:
  • Same Executive and Board of Directors as previous year. 
  • Attendance: Bala Krishna, Yoginath, Udarakirti, Ramanath, Brihat Mrdanga

What Michael is reading

  • 'Entangled Life' Merlin Sheldrake
  • 'Keeping Bees with a Smile' Fedor Lazutin with Leo Sharashkin
  • 'The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm' Schafer
  • 'The No-Till Organic Vegetable Farm' Mays
  • 'The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution' Mefferd
  • 'The Maria Thun Biodynamic Almanac' 20201
  • 'The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer' Carpenter
  • 'Japanese Style Companion Planting: Organic Gardening Techniques for Optimal Growth and Flavor' Toshio Kijima