Fence Plan for Saranagati Village

We see the vital importance of fencing to protect our land and crops.  Completing the perimeter fence means will be able to monitor the outside cows and take control and stewardship of our lands.

Perimeter Fencing

Finishing the west-side would be a major accomplishment, completing a big step in the long-term plan. The perimeter fencing for the entire south-end would now be complete.  There is also fencing to be done at the north-end

The co-op will help SVHI build a perimeter fence and provide monitoring and maintenance.  After the completion of the perimeter fencing we can identify areas throughout the valley that are suitable for grazing by our community cows.

Fencing At Vedic Eco Village

We will finish the Saranagati South Boundary fence line from the NE Boundary Corner until half way to the SW corner of Lot 384.  A 4 acre colonial fence is being built inside the share and can be used for grazing.  Cows will fertilize the land for cultivation of fodder and food, while keeping the grasses low for fire safety

Fences for Cows and Agriculture

We believe that agriculture and cow care is the central focus for a Vaisnavas community project.

Cow protection needs focus and support of the community.  It is based on principles of self-sufficiency and sustainability. Keeping/maintaining cows as well as growing our own food are fundamental to the survival and the very “raison d’etre” of Saranagati Village both for the present and future generations.

Cows provide us with everything we need, and at the same time they remind us of Krishna

Fencing History

A very specific plan is in motion initiated by an AGM vote. Most recently this plan was updated and articulated in a detailed report sent to all shareholders just prior to the 2017 meeting.  At that meeting the report was endorsed and funding approved for continuing the fencing,

Click here for more details about the 2017 Report

We welcome open dialogue on the fencing issue. Praying for meaningful dialogue for all concerned that culminates in mutually satisfactory conclusions for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada and the Vaisnavas residents at Saranagati.