2017 Co-op AGM Meeting minutes

Meeting date

Community Garden update

    •    Community garden: Francis is "retiring" and will keep 2 acres for fruit trees, herbs, bees, raspberries, strawberry, goji
    •    Remaining 2 acres could be managed by cooperative - the soil has to be built up with cover crops and manure
    •    Francis will leave his tractor and it will be available to co-op to plow and disc, especially the weed crops in may
    •    The garden needs somebody everyday for watering, cow protection
    •    Needs electric fence
    •    community can plant roots, no melons, maybe grains
    •    Bala's portion of the community garden will not be planted.  He will turn over may 1, plant cover crop.  middle june plant buckwheat, turn under, peas/legumes, then fall rye - this will get rid of sunchokes

Co-op investments

    •    Wheelhoe $234 for from william dam
    •    Sprayer, ideally an atomizer, but this is AC powered.  Perhaps battery powered sprayer
    •    neem and soap for sprayer
    •    Sign up for woofer program to get workers - http://wwoof.net - kripa will be contact person and filter potential workers

Valley fence update

    •    fence work starts early march
    •    govardhan hill fence need improvements from lake to top of hill
    •    need to add gates and dummy posts to existing fences
    •    fence posts making and outside sales opportunities
    •    electric fence in north end  (payed by ducks unlimited?) - needs monitoring
    •    SVHI can pay for post pounder

Co-op business

  • Seed order first week of february
  • Farm and financial reports
  • New Director Réal Lionel Gagnon
  • JaiSaci retiring as Director
  • Same President, Secretary and Treasurer as before

Present:  Bala, Yoginath, Kripanidhi, Francis, Ramanath, JaiSaci