Co-op Meeting Minutes

Meeting date

Co-op Business

Officially incorporated sept 25 is a not for profit Cooperative, like a charity
Must have AGM before Dec 25
Yogi pres, Ramanath secretary and acting Treasurer until qualified new members arrive

2014 Costs
$350: costs of incorp: $250 + 30 name + 20 postage, printing + 50 future filling fees
$500: operations (bank expenses, website, WWOOF membership)

2014 Revenues
$2000:  2014 market sales (Lytton, Ashcroft, Saranagati)
$500: Renting out wood chipper
$100: Renting out wood splitter
$540: Membership sales: $108 x 5

Membership Benefits

Members get 50% off co-op goods and service
online barter system based on scrip (co-op credit)
can only vote if membership in good standing (ie. membership fully paid)

Tractor purchase

must be able to pound posts
$8,000 pre payment of service from SVHI
$8,000 pre payment of service from co-op members
discount for daily use - commercial rates are $80 per hour, $135 with operator

Carrot contract

40,000 lbs at 95 cents, co-op takes a percentage (10%) of contract
co-op does sales for managing contracts, refer for harvesting, transport to market
approx 4 acres
need seeder
may need drip irrigation


will take time to create cash flow and pay back investment
options: pooling members, bank, farm credit corp, wealthy devotees
line of credit to make monthly payments for tractor
Equipment like Wood chipper and splitter sold to co-op for credit
investigate financing through kala, dusty


2014 Markets: Sarangati, lytton, ashcroft, cache creek and kamloops
transportation to market: need coop refer vehicle, buy or lease
potential vancouver markets: nat bailey, kits, hindu temple, trout lake


village needs a mechanic (costs $90 an hour)
need infrastructure for WWOOFER to sleep, shower and eat
help farmers with soil testing, building and seed selection, green manure, wood chips
start food box program
need commercial carrot juicer and bottler
demand for parsnip


  • tractor rental contract with SVHI by November 11
  • open bank acccount at RBC: bala, yogi , rama
  • online setup - name of ag loan dept.
  • investigating existing carrot farms, fountainview open house
  • train kalindi as bookkeeper
  • coabc conference, 3 day
  • online tranx, Spreadsheet, accounting system, $300 castings
  • get agrologist to write bus plan

Attendance: Bala, Yogi, JaiSaci, Kripa, Ramanath, Uddara